A break.


I’ve been away for a while.

In a lot of ways.

My focus shifted away from SL shortly after that last post. There are two or three drafts of other things I wanted to post here but never had the drive to finish them. Instead of actually going in-world and wasting tons of money, like I used to, I’ve been dabbling with trying to bring more realism to my pics from outside the grid. Below is a before and after of a work in progress.

The hair and background need more handiwork, I know. But the rest of the details are all handpainted, no morphs.

The hair and background need more handiwork, I know. But the rest of the details are all handpainted, no morphs.

I don’t know when I’ll go back to blogging fashion and whatnot, but I thank and appreciate the small group of you who read and enjoyed the little that I did post.  Perhaps there will be more, one day…



This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a week now and I’ve finally found a reason to justify posting it: Berry did it first! I’m kind of an opinionated bitch sometimes and I’ve been trying to keep that reeled in for this blog, but man… if the grid’s nicest and most professional blogger can let off a little steam about the things that really grind her gears, I’m going to ride those coat tails.  The idea is to post your top five worst SL pet-peeves. I could add a whole digit to that, but I want to keep with the meme so I’ve just used broad strokes to paint my virtual anger. However, I didn’t write this post to follow the meme, so the tone is genuine anger. Not only was I SO MAD while I was writing this, I got even more incensed as I was fiddling with the raw pic and realized some of the pieces of my piercings weren’t rezzed.  At that point I slammed the laptop shut and this post has been abandonned ever since.  Enjoy:

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I’ve been given the fucking run around all damned day by Comcast, so with this venemous mood I’ve decided to bitch about all the shit that pisses me off about Second Life.  This list is in no particular order and will likely be added to multiple times.  If you have any suggestions to add to the list, please feel free to comment.

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Stupid slutty AO’s–  Ok, it was really awesome back in 2009 when our animated stands started becoming super sensual with all the swinging hips and coy bending over and what not, but now its gotten really old.  Not only are the stands no longer coy and subtle, they’re totally inappropriate for every day public use.  At a club or at home with your man, I totally get. But I look at all these chicks who are standing in random stores with relatively normal clothes on whose pixels are moving like they’re on a 10 pack of triple stack ecstasy and could just break into public masturbation at any moment… and it just makes me sigh with disgust. Can you imagine seeing someone in your local grocery store moving like your avatar does?  Think about that.

Bad vendor models– Really?  I know you put a lot of time and photoshopping into that tank top you want to sell, but using a free pose from 2006 on your avatar which has linebacker shoulders and a 7″ waist are not going to sell that top. If you can’t do it yourself, have someone else design your vendors. There are plenty of amazing freelancers in our little virtual world just waiting for free clothes or a few Ls.

Entitled profile cunts– Wearing an attachment at every available spot, only typing in ascii text and quoting the hip-hop top 40 does not make you better than anyone else. Calling yourself a brat but saying you deserve this or that doesn’t make any of it true either. Quality speaks for itself and if you have to tell someone how amazing/sexy/cool/badass you are, that’s probably the only time they’re going to think it. I write this point with some self shame in mind as my profile used to be all entitled and cunty sounding, but growing up and living outside the grid puts things in perspective and I’m starting to see how insuferable I was. Confidence is hot. Cuntiness is not.

Entitled profile cunts, part deux- And while I’m on the subject of profile cunts, stop telling everyone about how much your creepy SL family means to you and how badly you’ll murderize anyone who messes with them.  Its stupid.  You can’t do anything to anyone in SL that doesn’t want to let you do it, and chances are in six months the people that mean the most to you today will be a new list of names. There’s a way to show pride in and appreciation for the people that matter to you without being a dick about it and basically inviting the drama this particular breed of stupid also claims to want no part of.

Bling, full bright, face-lights, invisiprims, particle emitters and animated tags– /me hits you on the nose with a handful of rolled up newspaper. “You, NO! BAD!” Just fucking stop it.  Two months.  I’ll give it a two month limit.  After you’ve been in world for two months, you should know better than to lag out everyone around you with your ugly, outdated shit.  Stop it.  There are millions of ways to express your individuality in world, you really don’t need two blinking, color-changing, ascii macro middle fingers constantly flashing above your head. And if you’ve been in world for two months and NOBODY has told you these things are tacky social faux pas, its now time to re-evaluate your friends.

/me exhales.

I feel a little bit better now.  Also Comcast just gave me three months of free Showtime for being stupid and neglectful, so I’m off to watch Dexter, but when I return, I’ll show you more of this look and this AMAZING skin by the incomparable Miss Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel.  And I promise I’ll take off this hair… eventually… maybe.

-M Y  L O O K-

  • Skin- Pink Fuel: Sora <Peach> – Freckled Love in CURVY!!!1!!one
  • Shape- my own “plus sized” shape, for sale soon?
  • Hair- LeLutka: Canto in SummerTimeFade *mesh*
  • Eyes- IKON: Ardent Eyes in Bone
  • Outfit- Kitties Lair: Eastend Belle Minidress05 w/appliers*
  • Boots- WOLF&I: Steel-Toed Kickers *mesh*
  • Tats- Reckless: Death is certain Life is not *old Zombie Popcorn hunt*

*Footnotery: I bought this outfit originally on my first av back in 2007 or maybe 8, and just went back to the store for the first time since creating Secretary and found the creator made appliers for it! I rarely wear slutty stuff anymore, but when I did this store was my go-to, one of the hidden gems that I hoarded and only told my bestiest of best friends about. I actually have an ulterior motive for letting go and exposing my little known treasure store: I’m hoping with some extra exposure the creator will make more appliers for her things and then maybe make like a ton more outfits. 🙂  I used to own at least one of every outfit she made and usually two or three of each in different colors. So please, go, try on demos, buy things and post me some links to your flickrs soz I can share in the KL love!

I just discovered that half of my meager photostream was hidden from the majority of people that might see it. I don’t know how or why half of it was labeled as restricted, but now the full force of my 40 super random pictures can be felt. ha!  While I was digging around in flickr, I came upon this faux magazine cover I did in college.  I felt like it belonged here beside my last post, which is about the newest line of amazing Plastik skins, since its one of the special event skins of her last amazing skin line, Ataciara.


This skin has special makeup that was only released at the Relay For Life event in 2012. (Nothing makes me happier than knowing the money I’m spending on imaginary, virtual goods is going to a real, worthy cause!) I took a zillion pics in this skin, it just photographs so amazingly well! The magazine is a work of fiction; a layout designed to just show that I am capable of creating a magazine cover layout.  I was doing everything possible to incorporate my love and obsession with second life to the projects I had to do in school. “Its like getting two birds stoned at once.” – Ricky

-M Y  L O O K-

  • Skin- Plastik: Ataciara Elven Ilidum 2012 @RFL 2012
  • Hair- Vita’s Boudoir: Irena black tentacles!
  • Outfit- RunoRuno: Cherry Blossom Petals @Help Japan in SL
  • Lashes- Glow Studio: Devilicious 01

Once upon two years ago, I entered the Depraved Nation Photo Contest and won 2nd place.  The prizes were amazeballs: I was allowed to ask some of the participating designers for any fatpack in their store.  :>  As a result, and in no small part due to the owner’s INSANE generosity to her group and holiday fans, I’d say at least 40% of my inventory is from Plastik. I have almost every skin, eye, tattoo, makeup and ear that Vae has ever made… so naturally when I found out she was releasing a new skin line at the skin fair, I got all fidgety and started counting my L to see how many I could scoop up!

plastik, secondlife, fashion, sl, lelutka

For those who aren’t familiar with the Plastik, its been around for years and ranges in styles from fantasy to slutty to gothic and back.  And just to illustrate how generous the creator really is: she spammed her group on St. Patrick’s day and said that anyone who TPd to the store wearing green and greeted her with Happy St. Patricks day would have gifts thrown in their face holes.  I walked home with eye sockets full of dresses, nostrils full of mesh earrings and my mouth was stuffed with boots. Who does that!?  Vae does that.

tangos, lolas, secondlife, plastik

On top of her super giving spirit, she’s just an incredible artist. She can peel a fabric out of reality and apply it to our little virtual world in such a way that it looks like it was sewn in pixels.  But for this post, I’m focusing on her skins which are so smoking hot.  She somehow makes this beautiful natural sheen on the skins’ highlights that makes them look so vibrant and real. I’m showing some of the more “natural” shades here, but she also has some fantasy versions in greys (I totally want the Ganymede skin as soon as I can work it into the budget!) and pinks and I’m sure there will be more to come for this beautiful line.

As much as it pained me, I left off eyelashes, jewelry and as much clothes as I was comfortable with to show you all the beautiful details in these skins. These pictures are almost completely raw.

-M Y  L O O K-

(from left to right, headshot is of center model)

  • Skin- Plastik: Astrali Skin in Marse, Mercure and Plute *@Skin Fair*
  • Hair- LeLutka: Canto Hair in Bourneville Fade, SummerTimeFace and IrishRedFade *NEW mesh!*
  • Eyes- Izzie’s Deep Dark Eyes dark brown (darker eyeball) *mesh*
  • Boobs- Lola’s: Tango mesh breasts
  • Nails- Mstyle: EDGE Nails in black *NEW mesh!*
  • Top- LePrimitif: Pushup Bra in Leo
  • Bottom- Linc: The Hotness Bikini Lucky 3
  • Boots- Les Petits Détails: Gaucho Girl Boots Black

I stumbled upon Alterego as a result of doing the Jack or Jill hunt by Depraved Nation a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure I’d been to the store before, but never really looked too hard because I was in a different fashion phase at the time. This time I took a closer look and completely fell in love!  Not only is the store build trendy and cute with a little taste of hood rat, but the selection is massive, the styles varied and unique and the prices totally reasonable. So while I was looking around, I decided to stalk further and profile perved the owner, Miss Toxxic Rhiannyr. This chick is a creative powerhouse with a gang of brands under her belt and not a scrap of sloppy artwork among them.  Even the design elements she chooses for her vendor art are awesome!  Needless to say, I have a new creator crush.

fashion, sl, alterego, fawn, unicorn

So Alterego is conducting a contest to win everything under the roof basically. This is one of the most generous and enthusiastic groups I’ve ever been in, so coupled with my insatiable love for this outfit, I overcame my hesitance at entering contests which require other people’s money/time to win… and entered.  If you like my look, howsabout you mosey on over to the fabulous Alterego sim on March 22nd and give me vote love? Come on… I’ll be your best frand!

My Look:

  • Skin – cStar: Candy Pop Skin 2.0 Fair *FREE on MP!*
  • Hair- Ploom: Shira in Candy
  • Eyes-D.A – Anime Eyes in Aqua *@Arcade*
  • Outfit- Alterego: Candydoll (boots, corset & skirt) *part mesh*


  1. Epic: Luxe Kitsune Twitchy Tail in Blonde
  2. Jamman: ULTRA Mesh Fingernails V3
  3. Chimera: White Faun Hooves (old)
  4. Puncture: Dermal Spike Implants on Throat, Eyebrow and Dimples
  5. Izzie’s: 80’s Rainbow Bangles *mesh*
  6. Half-Deer: Eternum Antlers in Circus *@Arcade*
  7. Glow: Devilicious 00 lashes
  8. Damned: Liquid Liner & Ureshii Tattoo
  9. Trap: Short Gelf Ears Low Pierced
  10. Pink Acid: Deja Lip Gloss & Teeth in Pink

So these two styles were released almost simultaneously earlier today.  I immediately turned my head sideways like a dog and had to put them on side by side for a comparison shot.  Keep in mind that the right side has been mirrored.  The curls on the Magika style are heavier on the left shoulder, similar to the the Truth style. If only we could get Truth to bring back the roots ON the fades… that would be amazeballs!

second life fashion

I like to imagine Truth and Sabina sitting on opposite sides of a beautiful mesh hookah, cross legged and meditating together on the best new look for their grid worth of devotees. Or perhaps evaluating each others breedables and having a mutual ah-ha moment where they lock eyes and nod, saying, “Hollywood curls.”  I don’t care if it was a total coincidence, a joint idea or even a mesh hair grudge match to see who could make the better look… any way you slice it, we all win. I’m also wearing two of my fave new skins.  As time passes and I can squeeze into the skin fair, I’ll be posting more about the Clover skin from Essences (left side) because I plan on buying a fatpack of them. On the other hand, you can pick up these two versions of their respective skin lines at the latest round of TDR Fusion! All of the lag for a fraction of the price! 😀

Be one with the lag to conquer the lag.


My Look(s):

Left Side:

  • Skin- Essences: Clover COLD in Sunkissed *TDR Fusion*
  • Hair- Truth: Kasia in Barbie *NEW mesh!*

Right Side:

  • Skin- Al Vulo!: Arya Sapphire blond brow milk *TDR Fusion*
  • Hair- Magika: Forget [03] *NEW mesh!*


  • Eyes- IKON: Lucid Eyes in Optimism *GG*
  • Top- Tee*fy: Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank in black *C88*
  • Skirt – Maitreya: Mini Skirt Dark Leather Black *mesh*


  1. Red Mint: Posture collar No. 02 & Silver Rings
  2. Puncture: Dimple Piercings
  3. Mstyle: EDGE Nails Black

Follow through.


I have none.  I don’t think I ever have. The few major projects I’ve managed to squeeze out to completion were done so by forces out of my control: client deadlines, assignment deadlines, court-dates, etc.  Not while AT work, mind you.  When I’m being paid I’m apparently highly motivated. But left to my own ‘druthers, I get stuck in this mental loop where all of the possibilities kind of mash together until its two weeks later and I haven’t even gotten out of the planning stages.  This is the sole reason I’ve never opened a skin shop.  I truly love wasting away the hours in photoshop adding a subtle crease here or a shadow there, tinkering until I think it looks amazing… then I go to upload the texture and inevitably get distracted by the hundreds of other things I also want to do while in world.  UGH.  My brain is a happy and most times blissfully ignorant place to be, but we don’t get much done here.

The whole reason for this rant is that I don’t know what I want to do with this blog.  While I enjoy the fashion aspect of SL, I don’t really want to just create looks and list them for you.  Everybody does that.  I’m certainly not a photographer (though I spent WAY too much money on pro tools I have no clue how to use still and if I did I probably COULD be a photographer, lol) so I’m likely never going to show you tutorials and amazing effects like say, Berry or Gogo.  And to top all that off, I’m absolutely out of practice when it comes to writing.

What I REALLY want to do is bitch… but like, that’s a total dick move which is coming from a place of insecurity, no matter how valid the points may be. Who starts a blog just to bitch about nit picky things in a virtual world? And on that same train of thought, I really love and appreciate what 95% of the creators bring to the grid, and so I don’t want to maliciously tear apart the other 5% just because I have an anonymousface and the internets say I can.

No but seriously, you have to be a totally inconsiderate asshole to wear a blinged out flexi gown from 2008 to a sim crashing event where EVERY.SINGLE.NOTICE sent out asked you to wear and even supplied a full body alpha!

No one wants to see you at these events.

They want to see the products.  I’m pretty sure I’ve derendered half the grid out of anger at these special morons who can’t read notecards.


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