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This post has been sitting in my drafts folder for a week now and I’ve finally found a reason to justify posting it: Berry did it first! I’m kind of an opinionated bitch sometimes and I’ve been trying to keep that reeled in for this blog, but man… if the grid’s nicest and most professional blogger can let off a little steam about the things that really grind her gears, I’m going to ride those coat tails.  The idea is to post your top five worst SL pet-peeves. I could add a whole digit to that, but I want to keep with the meme so I’ve just used broad strokes to paint my virtual anger. However, I didn’t write this post to follow the meme, so the tone is genuine anger. Not only was I SO MAD while I was writing this, I got even more incensed as I was fiddling with the raw pic and realized some of the pieces of my piercings weren’t rezzed.  At that point I slammed the laptop shut and this post has been abandonned ever since.  Enjoy:

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I’ve been given the fucking run around all damned day by Comcast, so with this venemous mood I’ve decided to bitch about all the shit that pisses me off about Second Life.  This list is in no particular order and will likely be added to multiple times.  If you have any suggestions to add to the list, please feel free to comment.

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Stupid slutty AO’s–  Ok, it was really awesome back in 2009 when our animated stands started becoming super sensual with all the swinging hips and coy bending over and what not, but now its gotten really old.  Not only are the stands no longer coy and subtle, they’re totally inappropriate for every day public use.  At a club or at home with your man, I totally get. But I look at all these chicks who are standing in random stores with relatively normal clothes on whose pixels are moving like they’re on a 10 pack of triple stack ecstasy and could just break into public masturbation at any moment… and it just makes me sigh with disgust. Can you imagine seeing someone in your local grocery store moving like your avatar does?  Think about that.

Bad vendor models– Really?  I know you put a lot of time and photoshopping into that tank top you want to sell, but using a free pose from 2006 on your avatar which has linebacker shoulders and a 7″ waist are not going to sell that top. If you can’t do it yourself, have someone else design your vendors. There are plenty of amazing freelancers in our little virtual world just waiting for free clothes or a few Ls.

Entitled profile cunts– Wearing an attachment at every available spot, only typing in ascii text and quoting the hip-hop top 40 does not make you better than anyone else. Calling yourself a brat but saying you deserve this or that doesn’t make any of it true either. Quality speaks for itself and if you have to tell someone how amazing/sexy/cool/badass you are, that’s probably the only time they’re going to think it. I write this point with some self shame in mind as my profile used to be all entitled and cunty sounding, but growing up and living outside the grid puts things in perspective and I’m starting to see how insuferable I was. Confidence is hot. Cuntiness is not.

Entitled profile cunts, part deux- And while I’m on the subject of profile cunts, stop telling everyone about how much your creepy SL family means to you and how badly you’ll murderize anyone who messes with them.  Its stupid.  You can’t do anything to anyone in SL that doesn’t want to let you do it, and chances are in six months the people that mean the most to you today will be a new list of names. There’s a way to show pride in and appreciation for the people that matter to you without being a dick about it and basically inviting the drama this particular breed of stupid also claims to want no part of.

Bling, full bright, face-lights, invisiprims, particle emitters and animated tags– /me hits you on the nose with a handful of rolled up newspaper. “You, NO! BAD!” Just fucking stop it.  Two months.  I’ll give it a two month limit.  After you’ve been in world for two months, you should know better than to lag out everyone around you with your ugly, outdated shit.  Stop it.  There are millions of ways to express your individuality in world, you really don’t need two blinking, color-changing, ascii macro middle fingers constantly flashing above your head. And if you’ve been in world for two months and NOBODY has told you these things are tacky social faux pas, its now time to re-evaluate your friends.

/me exhales.

I feel a little bit better now.  Also Comcast just gave me three months of free Showtime for being stupid and neglectful, so I’m off to watch Dexter, but when I return, I’ll show you more of this look and this AMAZING skin by the incomparable Miss Mochi Milena of Pink Fuel.  And I promise I’ll take off this hair… eventually… maybe.

-M Y  L O O K-

  • Skin- Pink Fuel: Sora <Peach> – Freckled Love in CURVY!!!1!!one
  • Shape- my own “plus sized” shape, for sale soon?
  • Hair- LeLutka: Canto in SummerTimeFade *mesh*
  • Eyes- IKON: Ardent Eyes in Bone
  • Outfit- Kitties Lair: Eastend Belle Minidress05 w/appliers*
  • Boots- WOLF&I: Steel-Toed Kickers *mesh*
  • Tats- Reckless: Death is certain Life is not *old Zombie Popcorn hunt*

*Footnotery: I bought this outfit originally on my first av back in 2007 or maybe 8, and just went back to the store for the first time since creating Secretary and found the creator made appliers for it! I rarely wear slutty stuff anymore, but when I did this store was my go-to, one of the hidden gems that I hoarded and only told my bestiest of best friends about. I actually have an ulterior motive for letting go and exposing my little known treasure store: I’m hoping with some extra exposure the creator will make more appliers for her things and then maybe make like a ton more outfits. 🙂  I used to own at least one of every outfit she made and usually two or three of each in different colors. So please, go, try on demos, buy things and post me some links to your flickrs soz I can share in the KL love!


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