Follow through.


I have none.  I don’t think I ever have. The few major projects I’ve managed to squeeze out to completion were done so by forces out of my control: client deadlines, assignment deadlines, court-dates, etc.  Not while AT work, mind you.  When I’m being paid I’m apparently highly motivated. But left to my own ‘druthers, I get stuck in this mental loop where all of the possibilities kind of mash together until its two weeks later and I haven’t even gotten out of the planning stages.  This is the sole reason I’ve never opened a skin shop.  I truly love wasting away the hours in photoshop adding a subtle crease here or a shadow there, tinkering until I think it looks amazing… then I go to upload the texture and inevitably get distracted by the hundreds of other things I also want to do while in world.  UGH.  My brain is a happy and most times blissfully ignorant place to be, but we don’t get much done here.

The whole reason for this rant is that I don’t know what I want to do with this blog.  While I enjoy the fashion aspect of SL, I don’t really want to just create looks and list them for you.  Everybody does that.  I’m certainly not a photographer (though I spent WAY too much money on pro tools I have no clue how to use still and if I did I probably COULD be a photographer, lol) so I’m likely never going to show you tutorials and amazing effects like say, Berry or Gogo.  And to top all that off, I’m absolutely out of practice when it comes to writing.

What I REALLY want to do is bitch… but like, that’s a total dick move which is coming from a place of insecurity, no matter how valid the points may be. Who starts a blog just to bitch about nit picky things in a virtual world? And on that same train of thought, I really love and appreciate what 95% of the creators bring to the grid, and so I don’t want to maliciously tear apart the other 5% just because I have an anonymousface and the internets say I can.

No but seriously, you have to be a totally inconsiderate asshole to wear a blinged out flexi gown from 2008 to a sim crashing event where EVERY.SINGLE.NOTICE sent out asked you to wear and even supplied a full body alpha!

No one wants to see you at these events.

They want to see the products.  I’m pretty sure I’ve derendered half the grid out of anger at these special morons who can’t read notecards.



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