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I just discovered that half of my meager photostream was hidden from the majority of people that might see it. I don’t know how or why half of it was labeled as restricted, but now the full force of my 40 super random pictures can be felt. ha!  While I was digging around in flickr, […]

Once upon two years ago, I entered the Depraved Nation Photo Contest and won 2nd place.  The prizes were amazeballs: I was allowed to ask some of the participating designers for any fatpack in their store.  :>  As a result, and in no small part due to the owner’s INSANE generosity to her group and […]

I stumbled upon Alterego as a result of doing the Jack or Jill hunt by Depraved Nation a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure I’d been to the store before, but never really looked too hard because I was in a different fashion phase at the time. This time I took a closer look and […]

So these two styles were released almost simultaneously earlier today.  I immediately turned my head sideways like a dog and had to put them on side by side for a comparison shot.  Keep in mind that the right side has been mirrored.  The curls on the Magika style are heavier on the left shoulder, similar […]

Follow through.


I have none.  I don’t think I ever have. The few major projects I’ve managed to squeeze out to completion were done so by forces out of my control: client deadlines, assignment deadlines, court-dates, etc.  Not while AT work, mind you.  When I’m being paid I’m apparently highly motivated. But left to my own ‘druthers, […]

NEVAR!!! (And super theater nerd kudos to those of you who got the reference! … Extended double super nerd kudos to those of you who got the “ar” reference as well. Banana stickers will be handed out at the end of class.) I love boho stuff. When I was a wee likkle tomboy, a girl […]

For me, that’s usually in the shower blasting some old school funk or new wave whatever. Its probably not the safest place to shake it, but I live on the edge. I’m exhausted… and on top of all the amazingly huge events going on, there’s fabulousness like Grenade Free Wednesdays, The Attic, group gifts and […]

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